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Topic: Automatic Update?

Hi when I purchased the Pro, it was 1.7 version.  Now it is updated to 1.8

Does the programme display an icon to highlight a new version is available for updates?

Does the programme update by itself each time I open the programme or do I have to update it manually (if then how to do it)?

I tried the download page and it didn't automatically download and also when I did the "click here" it also didn't work.

Note: I realized it is automatically updated.  Please ignore this becos I can't delete it after posting it.

Re: Automatic Update?

The program checks for a newer version and updates automatically if a newer version is found.
It checks for updates at start up if there were more than 24 hours from the previous check.

A user can switch on/of the auto update functionality from Control Panel.


Re: Automatic Update?

1) Will the FSB Pro automatically update to new version if I do not restart the programme?
I usually keep my FSB Pro on 24/7 for my trading and unless I restart the programme (which I seldom do it), it will not automatically update to the new version (am I right?)

2) Can you add a "New version" reminder on the FSB Pro when a new version is available (similar to trader programme)
Because I don't restart the FSB Pro, I won't know there is a new version available unless I go to the website to check on the announcement or did I miss out using any function that can help to inform me of new version other than restart the programme?

Re: Automatic Update?

Hello hannahis,

I'm also experience this issue. Currently FSB Pro checks for updates only on startup and I also have to restart  it in order to be updated on my testing machines. Later I have to restart it again to activate the latest version.

I'll add periodical check for updates and install during the runtime in next release.

Re: Automatic Update?

Thanks Popov, as always, you take out time and effort to look into our feedbacks and improvise the programme.