Topic: resuming a trade

FSB Pro was trading a few positions and then the unthinkable happened. Someone pulled the plugged and the computer was shut off.

My question is can FSB Pro resume a trade after the computer is completely shut off?

If yes, what do i need to do? connect the appropriate strategy back to the mt4 chart?

Re: resuming a trade

You can do it.
- Save all strategies you are trading in the default "Strategy" folder.
- Connect and activate trading on the particular MT charts.
- Go to Control Panel -> Auto Start page and save your session.

The script format is: "startegyName" ##
Where ## is the Connection ID.

If you use "Fill in current session" command, FSB will set the config file for you.
Use "Save script" to save the config file.

When restart happens, start MT4 and FSB Pro. MT4 will recover the experts and connections automatically. FSB Pro will reload the preset strategies, will connect to MT and will restart the trades.

Test it on a demo account first.
In a try or two you'll get familiar.