Topic: Parameter - Units to Close on Redaction - changes in a odd way

Mr. Popov, I have been playing around with the strategy you have developed – Jforex EURUSD 15min. I have found that one of the parameters – “Units to close on reduction” - in Strategy Properties, works in an odd way.

When I have started the strategy I tried to alter the value of this parameter. If I will use the up and down arrows to change the value, only one step in value change is allowed (0,01), and then the value will be “greyed” and it is not possible to change it anymore. But if I will then chose same another strategy (with help of ribbon on the top of the window) and immediately switch back to Jforex strategy, the value of “Units to close on reduction” once again will be black and I can once again change this value one step (0,01), which then immediately will “greyed”. In this way I can change the value of this parameter, but I have to switch out of the strategy and then in again.

If I will instead try to write a new value direct in this value’s window, this will be allowed but after writing of this one digit the value will be “grayed” in same way as described up the page.

Re: Parameter - Units to Close on Redaction - changes in a odd way

Yes, thank you for pointing that.

By design the "Units to add..." numeric box  must be disabled for "None" option and enabled for the other options.
The "Units to close ..." numeric box must be enabled only for Reduce option and disabled for the other options.

The issue is that on redrawing the options panel after reentering in the strategy window, the "Units to close on reduction" box becomes temporarily enabled.

However, I actually decided to change this behaviour and to leave these two numeric boxes permanently enabled. This will allow us to set the values easily for a new strategy (when both options are set to "None") to prepare it for the Generator.