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Topic: RSI calculation on FSB

Is the built in RSI calculation identical to  Metatrader 4's built in RSI calculation?

I'm getting different RSI values from MT4 and FSB, both using same data set. I checked bars manually, the price data all match. Both RSI have same default settings (simple,close,14). So if the price data are same shouldnt RSI values also match?





I removed autoscan, cutoff etc. to match dates.

On FSB, i set open position if RSI crosses 30 upwards. So on MT4, RSI never felt under 30. On FSB, it is already under 30 and crossing up.

nothing special on strategy:


If RSI settings and data set are same how can RSI value different that much? It is causing FSB to open trades which shouldnt do?

Any settings can cause this?

PS: sry for lots of pics.

Re: RSI calculation on FSB

I think MT4 uses Smoothing MA when calculating RSI.

Smoothing is the default MA method in FSB RSI.
Try comparing indicators with this method.

RSI Code in GitHub

Re: RSI calculation on FSB

Well, i set simple,close,14 on both then. Still same as on above ss'.


Re: RSI calculation on FSB

Probably you have to ask these questions in the MT4 forums.

The problem comes from the fact that MT4 doesn't use "Simple Moving Average" when calculating RSI but "Smoothed Moving Average".

Fortunately FSB provides different methods of smoothing.

Simply set "Smoothed" method in FSB:


Well, we found one more advantage of FSB backtester over MT4 - a possibility to change the moving average smoothing method right out of the box.