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Topic: Next same direction signal ?

Next same direction signal
Is it possible to determine that it opens each successive positions at 20-50 or 100 pips?
And if you can specify the max number of opened positions?

Re: Next same direction signal ?

You can use the following options for Next same direction signal:
  - Add - adds to position no matter of the current result
  - Winner - adds only if the position is on profit
  - Loser - adds only if position is on loss
  - None - do not add

You set separately the entry amount for next same direction signal in lots or in percents;
You can set the maximum open lots for all positions in lots.

All these options are in Strategy Properties dialog panel.


Re: Next same direction signal ?

So I saw these options, and I know that it can be set. But if you can specify an maximum  that is open 5 positions and each position every 40 pips and not at one bar