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ًWe have two options '' trading fixed Number of lots '' OR '' % ''

my ideas as follow

1- add 3rd option which is '' Conditional Lot size '' that option will depends on some filters pre determined, these conditions would be :

a. Maximum loss accepted per trade filter , for example if a strategy takes the first 5 trades using 3 % of account && the risk was < maximum loss accepted by trade its ok ,  then in the 6th trade if we use  the 3% size the accepted risk will be > maximum loss accepted by trade so the lot size modified to pass that filter or the trade not taken 

b.Market Volatility : if volatility dropped < > certain level  so change lot size accordingly '' increase , decrease or no trades taken ''

c.Time horizon filters

2- apply the previous rules to ''handling of additional signals''

3- let the lot size method & value determined Automatically.


Note : while generating strategies sure we miss  good strategies  that could be appeared in the top list if position size properly controlled

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Another idea : Add the position size in the strategy optimization as well.
because position size is one of the most important issues which if done properly it will bring a good profitable strategy .

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We have already '' Maximum number of open lots''  We need the maximum as %

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Adding Withdrawal option by the end of specific period '' weekly , monthly ,.....'' taking inconsideration some factors  like we have to stop trading b4 withdraw , account has to be above water level  or not  or any other conditions come with the withdrawal process .

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Probably best to optimize and backtest and generate using fixed lot size so as to avoid huge problems and then adjust account size as trades are executed.

Variable lot size  can cause major distortions in results.

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