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Hello Pop
i have a folder containing all original indicators ''including ATR stop''
when i open the atrstop to the   i find this part inside its code

// Saving the components
            Component = new IndicatorComp[2];

            Component[0] = new IndicatorComp
                    CompName = "ATR Stop margin",
                    DataType = IndComponentType.IndicatorValue,
                    ChartType = IndChartType.Line,
                    ChartColor = Color.Red,
                    FirstBar = firstBar,
                    ShowInDynInfo = false,
                    Value = atrStop

without System.Drawing

using System;
using ForexStrategyBuilder.Infrastructure.Entities;
using ForexStrategyBuilder.Infrastructure.Enums;
using ForexStrategyBuilder.Infrastructure.Interfaces;

namespace ForexStrategyBuilder.Indicators.Store
    public class AtrStop : Indicator
        public AtrStop()
            IndicatorName = "ATR Stop";
            PossibleSlots = SlotTypes.Close;

            IndicatorAuthor = "Miroslav Popov";
            IndicatorVersion = "2.0";
            IndicatorDescription = "Bundled in FSB distribution.";

so when copying it to the custom indicator folder it gives me error  so i added the system.drawing and it compiled fine 

But :
1- It draws no line
2- it shows different results from the build-in Atr stop !!!!.

attached is the ATR stop from the folder i have which should contain the original indicators

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Re: ATR Stop indicator

Please pop Do you have a folder containing the updated original indicators that fits the last FSB Pro

Iam still working on the old set of indicators of FSB which i think have slight differences