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Topic: where is "Common" tab from FSB?

Where do I have to look in Pro in order to find the "Common" tab commands from FSB?

Also, how can I see in points not in currency?

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how can I insert a picture into a post? (not "add file" but to make paste to a print screen directly into a post)


Re: where is "Common" tab from FSB?


Do you mean "Common" in Generator? There is "Common" button in FSB Pro Generator also.
The features are similar, but with a difference: you set what you want to generate in FSB Pro, wich is the opposite to FSB where you set what you want to preserve.


You can set Points vs Currency in Control Panel -> Account

This setting is saved in the selected Profile. You can have different profiles and some of them to use Pips,  and other to use Currency.

I'm using a small and very easy to use program for making screenshots and uploading in a server: http://postimg.org

You can also upload img to the server and it composes a nice small image for the forum. There are icon in the forum toolbar for easy uploading (if you already have an image)


You can also use "snagit" : http://www.techsmith.com/snagit-features.html