Topic: It still works - FSB v1 - 2006

I decided to check my archives today and found a CD I sent to United States Copyright Office on 2016.

It was FSB v1.0. Surprisingly it works well on Win 8.1 and is not too much different than the latest versions.
It loads ans saves strategies (from Strategy menu) and have a full sized indicators chart. There are even some demo strategies and demo data.

This version was never published. The first public release was FSB v2.0

If you are curious from where everything started, you can download the attached archive. The program is portable and doesn't need installation.

Re: It still works - FSB v1 - 2006

First we had the standard version, then the Pro, and now finally - old school! big_smile Definitely worth the visit, thank you for this!

Re: It still works - FSB v1 - 2006