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I have not figured out how to see previous strategies that the generator has produced except for the last one. Am I missing something, or has that not been implemented yet?

I looked for application settings to increase the maximum count of data bars above 50,000, but could not find the setting. Is this something that can be changed? The value is in the data source editor.

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I found an entry on how to set maximum bars.

Yes you can at your own risk.
Go to User Files\System and open your data source config file. For example "DataSource_FSB Demo data.xml".
Find <MaximumBarsLimit>50000</MaximumBarsLimit> and increase the number. Do it for the other data sources you are using.

After that go to Control Panel ->  Data Horizon page and set current max bars count.

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I also found out that the previous strategies in the generator is being worked on. Both questions are resolved.

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@ultplyr : my ....\System looks like in attachd picture (???)
Where, exactly, did you find the file?