Topic: Indicator logic for "Rise" or "Change its direction"


Sorry if this topic is already answered somewhere.

I anyone can help me I will appreciate. The question is the following:

For instance, ADX is rising means ADX[0]>ADX[1] or ADX[0]>ADX[1]>ADX[2] or other...

And, ADX change its direction upwards means ADX[0]>ADX[1]<ADX[2] or ADX[0]>ADX[1]<ADX[2]<ADX[3] or other...

Thank you in advance.


Re: Indicator logic for "Rise" or "Change its direction"

The simplified code is ADX[bar] > ADX[bar-1] + sigma; where sigma = 0.000001 (or something similar).

The full code is here: … aseCalc.cs line 390.