Topic: Logical groups

So far I haven't been able to profit from this option when automatically generating strategies. Usually the computer decides to keep just one group of criteria.

My question:
- any advice on how to use this possibility, which seems so interesting?
- can I tell the computer that each group should have just one criterion? (I can tell FSB the maximum number of criteria in total, but I think not per logical group, but please advise).


Re: Logical groups

Generator uses only default group when generating a strategy.
You can benefit of Logical Groups in Generator in case you already have a good and simple entry logic and you are searching for more opportunity for opening. You can change Logical Groups of all entry filters to "B". After opening Generator, you can lock Opening slot and all Opening Logic Conditions. Generator will generate other opening logic slots marked as "A" group without changing your locked "B" slots.

Re: Logical groups

Ok, I see now, thanks for the explanation.