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Since the Forex Strategy Builder is still being developed we would like to know your opinion about it! All of you, the users, can contribute to the development of FSB and thus help yourself in creating and using the most efficient tool for testing strategies.

You can post any ideas about instruments, interface, help etc in this forum and they will be looked upon, discussed and then hopefully included in the future versions of FSB. So if you think the program (or the site) could work or look better, please do not hesitate to share your opinion with us and all the other FOREX traders here in the forum.

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Interesting program.  I'm using Metatrader as a trade platform and am not a programmer of any sort.  I do have a desire to understand the metatrader language and understand language logic.  I'm wondering how our Strategy Builder relates to Metatrader. Here is my suggestion.  It seems I cannot run the program while I am looking at the help screen, it seems one is locked onto the other - not allowing program manipulation.  It would be much better if the help screen could float in a browser window And allow me to manipulate the program.  Thanks for listeing.

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You are right. In the current version of FSB it is not possible to look at the help and use the program at one time. However, we have the same (and even extended) help information on our site so you can use the info from there and use the program simultaneously. Thanks for the advice anyway. We'll try to allow simultaneous use of the help and the program in one of the future versions.

And about the relation between FSB and Metatrader - there is none for now. The two programs are completely separate and while Metatrader uses specific program language to create strategies FSB needs nothing more than a few clicks in the interface. We are now considering including a online trade option allowing the users to start trading with their strategies but this option will be included in the future versions.

For any further suggestions or enquiries please post a topic in this forum.


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For on line trading, we will need a means to prove how our system will be doing in the real world. This can be overcome by have a demo account in your on line trading for us to check out the system before going live.

This is also a good move as I do not have to worry about power failure and lost of internet connection, but it must have a build in cut lost mechanism as we can watch the web site all the time and may not fully understand how the strategy work.

How do you ensure my strategy file is not "stolen/used" by others, you will need some kind of strong encryption on the strategy file to be activated by the user over his trading page.