Topic: SMA as close order and new FX quotes


first of all I congratulate and thank all of those involved in the building and improving the program. I just started exploring the world of market trading and searching hopefully for a free software program to design and test trading systems I was pleasantly surprised to find the forex strategy builder.

but of course, as a developing freeware, there are a few things that I find missing and in need of improvement.

one of these things came as soon as I tried to build a system that I read in the only book about trading I read.
the system is one that the opening rules are defined by the parabolic SAR and closing rules by a moving average. the problem is that there is no logic for the SMA that says when the price CROSSES below the moving average. because if you put the logic at the price IS below the MA it will close every time it is in that position, even when the open filter gives a open order.
what I want the close condition to be is when the price crosses from being above to being below. other wise I'm consistently paying the spread.
Any ideas of how I can do this?
another question is what exactly are the parameters on the SAR? it appears two acceleration factors min. and the increment, is that the addition factor? so where is the AF limit? plus the second AF min doesn't seem to have any effect. it seems to me like a bug, am I right?

and one other question is how do I extract the FX quotes that you download from the website? cause it comes in RAR format, right? so how do I convert it to readable data?

that's it for now.

Re: SMA as close order and new FX quotes

Hello Jumanji

If you want to open long when the market is above the MA and to close when the price crosses below the MA

set the Close slot as:

            Moving Average
            Logic The Price Open is higher then the MA value

A logic condition used in the Close slot affects the open logic.
The above means - We will open long when the price is above the MA only, and we will close the position when the price reaches the MA.
The position will be closed on the MA. This is not a real crossing, but this is the opportunity only. If we want to catch a cross we have to wait until price  drop below the MA. But what to do if it continue downward. It is not possible to close at MA. I thing this is enough correct. The price was above, and now is at MA. Toward the cross we have one pip only.

About the ParabolicSAR you are right. The parameters should be:
Starting AF - default 0.02, step 0.01
Increment - default 0.02, step 0.01
Maximum AF - default 2.00, step 0.01
This will be corrected next week.

The quote in our download site is a simple rar archive containing one file only. What is needed is to extract the #######.rar. The file data file is #######.csv . Overwrite the old *.csv with the new one.