Topic: In case of addition - number of lots to add

What you think about this changes? In Forex Strategy Builder In "Strategy properties" in "In case of addition - number of lots to add" to consider, the expect order are best or worst than already standing orders.  For example, in case of BUY addition of order, higher than the already exposed, reduced probability that it positive. In this case are necessary to reduce his percent, and if lower - the percent arranged.
Here a photo from real trade

As a result of tests at this strategy drawdown is 25 percent, in real if it were closed on stoploss, loss would be 60 percent of deposit. Now all lots identical, without dependence, the following order higher or more low already st. And would be well if they was put, to consider it, and to change percent of game. If better - what percent and if worst - what percent. And now, I earning a heap of money and a heap of a gray hair.)))
I at myself adding this check and changing lots in EA, but well would be to look at results in Forex Strategy Builder. I certainly understand that it are change in Forex Strategy Builder and Forex Strategy Trader.