Topic: Code Repository - ToDo

- Navigation Bar:
  - "Repo Home", "Forex Strategies", "Forex Indicators", "Addons"
  - "Admin" link to Admin page visible for admins only.

- Repo Home:
  - Divided into 4 blocks: Latest Strategies, Latest Indicators, Latest Addons, and Latest Comments
  - "New Strategies" ---> "Latest Strategies"
  - Put link "All strategies" at the bottom of "Latest Strategies" box. Same for all the boxes.
  - Fix or remove command bar (second blue bar)

- Admin page (for admins only):
  - Provides access or forms for the repo settings and stats.

- Index pages:
  - Fix rating box: rating 5/3, or Rating column. Now it's not clear what the number means.
  - Upload time to be shown next to the author.
  - Comments count to be shown in stats column

- Strategy Upload page
  - Fix command bar
  - Fix text.

- Indicator code page
  - Change color scheme to "white" or "GitHub"

- General:
  - unifying index URLs:
          "" or
          "" or
          "" ??
  - The repo to provide XML info about indicators and addons as it does for strategies. This will allow one-click install.

Re: Code Repository - ToDo

The Repository is online and is linked from the website main navigation menu.

Please test it.

The most funny thing is that you can copy a strategy to the clipboard and to paste it over FSB / FST by using (Ctrl + V)