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If the ID is set to 0 the FST autostart doesn't load the associated Strategy instead it  loads "New".


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This appears to be deliberate logic (Actions.cs line 112)

if (Configs.LastStrategy != "" && (Configs.RememberLastStr || Data.ConnectionID > 0) )

The SetAutostartSettings code (Actions.cs lnie 168) sets a value as follows:

Configs.RememberLastStr = false;

So it appears that it is intentional, but not sure as there is no mention of this in the documentation referencing the autostart feature.

Anyone have any comments or ideas if this should remain or if a fix should be submitted?


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I fixed it by starting my ID's at 1 instead of 0.

But I cannot for the life of me think of a reason to load "new" as a strategy and start executing it. I can understand running the last strategy so probably best to leave it as it is and mention it in the remarks above the executable code.


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I agree - there appears to be no practical purpose to autostart the 'New' strategy.

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Connection ID = 0 is the default value. It means that there is a single FST instance working. But if you use only one instance, why do you need special autostart instead of just starting FST normally.
I don't remember exactly why I put this limitation in autostart, but probably to protect the new users for some connection issues.


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What do you think if I submit a change to the application and documentation that changes the logic slightly to keeps the current logic mainly intact, so if a user used the autostart process on ConnectionID=0, the 'New' strategy would open, but autotrading would be disabled.

I believe the confusion here is that if someone does decide to use autostart, then there would be no reason to ever autotrade the 'New' strategy.

Re: FST Autostart

Adam, do what you think is best for the project.