Topic: How to setup 2 years history for EurUsd 5min ?


I need Your support. I dont know how can I test my strategy on the time period longer than 3 months.
How to setup it ? I just saved data from MT4 to FSB but in Statistics window in the left upper corner I see

Date of beginning: 02.12.2012

instead of 01.04.2010

How to setup longer time period for 1min and 5min charts ?


Re: How to setup 2 years history for EurUsd 5min ?


It looks like you don't have enough data from your broker in MT4.

There are some tutorials around if you Google for "Getting historical data into MT4" (or similar) that mainly describe the process for using the download functionality in the MT4 history center.

If you have the data in a suitable format (ideally from the same broker) it is possible to load history into MT4 from external sources, also via the history center but by loading data in from an external file.

I have found the best solution is to work with the data provided by your broker, with the process to do this being:

  • Open MT4 and go to Tools ... Options ... Charts

  • Set the 'Max Bars in History' value to a large number (try 50000)

  • Open the chart that you wish to get data for (ie. choose a symbol and interval)

  • Ensure that 'Auto Scroll' is disabled (Charts ... Auto Scroll)

  • Hold down the 'Home' key on the machine until there is no more data to load (the chart stops moving to the left)

Once this is done, close MT4 (it only saves to the HST files on close) and then you have access to all the data that your broker has on their servers. 

You may then be able to get historical files from the broker (as csv) for import into MT4 to build your complete history database.

Be careful with setting the max bars setting too high as MT4 will attempt to load this data into memory for every chart that is on the screen, at the same time.

I appreciate that this seems like a complex process but it works for me - anyone have an easier way to get broker-specific data into MT4?