Topic: Keeping all of Top 10 strategies ?

FSB keeps the top 10 "best" strategies, but it forces you to accept one of them in order to take a look at the charts, detailed trades, etc.  How can I keep all 10 because if I go back to the Strategy Generator after having accepted a strategy, the remaining 9 have all been deleted !!  Why can't they be kept ?

Re: Keeping all of Top 10 strategies ?

Hi rjay,
yes I think so too.
It is a big problem.
After calculating a long time all other strategies are lost.

Better is the StrategyBuilder remember all Strategies in a big list.
I hope that will be a feature in the next version.


Re: Keeping all of Top 10 strategies ?

This is "going around the problem", but works: for each strategy marked you may generate - and print/save- strategy description. Repeat 9 times smile. Then input the strategy elements manually from the printed/saved description and save it. Repeat 9 times smile.

Re: Keeping all of Top 10 strategies ?

Hi Kasandra,
ok it is a solution.
But most time strategies are curvefitted.
10 strategies are too less.

I want to see 1000 strategies.

Re: Keeping all of Top 10 strategies ?

Generator in FSB cannot save generated strategies. This issue will not present in FSB Pro (though it doesn't have Generator yet smile )

We can add an option to Generator to save in a designated folder all generated strategies that satisfy the criterion.
Strategies can be properly named so a simple sort by name will get the desired order. For example a stats param selected by the user to be put in name.