Topic: FSB v2.6.1.1 - published on May 15th

Several minor bugs are fixed in this release:
  - wrong column title in the positions journal table was renamed;
  - fixed crash in the journal when there is no transactions;
  - improved number boxes in the indicator dialog.

New indicator: Round Number

It allows enter/exit the market at the support/resistant levels (round price level). It is possible to set a price shift to enter blow or above the level.

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I have found the mq4 code that convert hst file to csv ( but it is in Russian ), may be with this code you code make FSB "live" ?

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(No problem with the Russian smile)

That is the important:

       int bar_time = FileReadInteger(hst_handle, LONG_VALUE);
       double bar_open = FileReadDouble(hst_handle, DOUBLE_VALUE);
       double bar_low = FileReadDouble(hst_handle, DOUBLE_VALUE);
       double bar_high = FileReadDouble(hst_handle, DOUBLE_VALUE);
       double bar_close = FileReadDouble(hst_handle, DOUBLE_VALUE);
       double bar_volume = FileReadDouble(hst_handle, DOUBLE_VALUE);

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May be in the future you will be able to write a EA that link the FSB "live" trade signal back to MT4 there by giving FSB the ability to do live trading.

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How about money management option in FSB, I find that it sometime can make a just profitable system into very profitable one, in the mq4 code it is

//---- input parameters
extern bool      MoneyManagement=true;
extern double       Risk=10;

//| expert start function                                                      |
int start()
         if (MoneyManagement)
     double Leverage=AccountLeverage();

//---- rest of the strategy code


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FSB uses the same logic (from FSB v2.6.1.0). You can activate it form Strategy Properties -> Trading Size -> Use variable lot size.

  int iTradingLots = (int)Math.Floor(iSize * Equity / (PipsToMoney(100, iBar) * 100));

  if (iTradingLots < 1)
       iTradingLots = 1;
  else if (iTradingLots > MaxOpenLots)
       iTradingLots = MaxOpenLots;

Where iSize is percent of the equity that will be use to cover the required margin

FSB can control dynamically the number of Entry Lots, Lots for Adding and the Lots for Reducing the position.

The difference is that FSB uses Account Equity but the expert you show uses the Account Balance. This is not important for the opening because the balance is equal to the equity. The difference is for an averaging when the current position is at significant profit or loss.