Topic: Oscillator_of_ATR

When I used oscillator of ATR as an open logic condition, it give me this:
Long Entry Allowed : YES
Short Entry Allowed: YES
That is both are "YES" for whatever logic condition I used, it just gives the false signal.

So I change: "Oscillator of ATR.cs"
on line 198:
NoDirectionOscillatorLogic(iFirstBar, iPrvs, adOscllator, 0, ref Component[1], indLogic);
Component[2].Value = Component[1].Value;

OscillatorLogic(iFirstBar, iPrvs, adOscllator, 0, 0, ref Component[1], ref Component[2], indLogic);

and make it as a custom indicator.

Is this correct ? since I am not familiar with your source code.

Re: Oscillator_of_ATR

No, it's not correct and the indi is fine, no bugs in what you are describing. The reason for it is that it is a nondirectional indicator, if conditions are met, it allows all positions to be opened, not selective positions.