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Topic: Information on broker spreads ...

hello ....
I want to know some information ...
how to write numbers in the tool properties to spread?
how do I write for XAUUSD 50 pips (broker VantageFX.)?
  XAUUSD has two digits after the decimal point ..!

is correct as I wrote in 'image?
Thank you.


Re: Information on broker spreads ...

According to VantageFX info


Spread must be 50 pips (points). You have set 5.00 on the screenshot above.

For any case, post a screenshot showing Bid and Ask prices. Since points = 2,
Spread = (Ask - Bid) * 100

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Re: Information on broker spreads ...

Popov thanks for the answer ...
I understand that you should write 50.00 in property instruments under spread ..
example: (1480.70 to 1480.20) x 100 = 50
based on prices of attachments ....

P. S.: to correct my mistake if any!

excuse my English, I use google translate


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