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Topic: FST 1.4.11 Nightly Build

FST adds a Close option to Trade Settings -> Long logic rule base price.

When it is activated, FST checks if last Close price touches the entry level in order to send an order.
This option is intended to be used with brokers with a Markup charge.

For more info see this post: FSB/FST trading discrepancies - Markup


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Re: FST 1.4.11 Nightly Build


Markup tested on a demo account at http://www.aaafx.com/.

It seams that it works properly but further careful testing is required.

Attached file is Forex Strategy Trader.exe only. You have to replace original exe in your application with this file. You can first copy the whole FST folder if you want to leave your initial installation intact.

Please note that this is a testing release. Test it carefully on a demo account first!

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Re: FST 1.4.11 Nightly Build

Probably "Close" is not the best name for the Long logic rules base price option at Trade Settings.

This name corresponds to what MT4 calls to the current chart price.
MT4 shows current price of the bar as Close price in bar data, but this is not logically correct since the bar is not closed yet. Leaving this name for the option may lead to misunderstanding that the bar must close at the indicator in order to an order to be activated.

Do you think names "Current" or "Chart" are more appropriate for Long logic rules base price option?

Re: FST 1.4.11 Nightly Build

I think either would be better than close. If I had to chose between "Current" or "Chart" I would go for "Chart".

I have been running with FST and it works flawlessly.