Topic: a new Superindicator

i just had an idea of a Superindicator
which trades completely according to the news
there sould be a table where all the required news are collected which come from a news database  for the corresponding currencypair.

The list should contain: the last value , the expected new value and the actual news value
The database and in sequence the list should be always updated for any news regarding this currencypair

The there should be an indicator containing the logic "Percentage differs more /less from newsanouncement" if ok -> trade triggers  one field to set the percentage of the estimated absolute value (this is used to get a feeling what is worse to trade at all)

E.G say the old value was a certain figure and the estimated value is 20 % increase when the news come out than the eg. set value of 50 means that the actual news value must be at least 50% of the estimated value to trigger the trade in either direction So if the actual news value is coming out the trade direction  become  clear and wether or not the trade should start triggers the set value.

What do you think about this idea Could it be successful
Is anybody willing to realize this indicator project.

Re: a new Superindicator

We need a historical data used by the indicator in order to make a backtest. The purpose of our software is to test first a strategy on historical data and if all stats are acceptable, we continue with demo testing, testing on a real account with small amount an than trade on real.