Topic: Trade Copier?


I'm wondering if I could input MT4 data from one (or more) MT4 platforms, then output trade signals, based on calculated decisions, back out to several other MT4 platforms.

Ideally, I'd be able to follow the trade on the first platform and supply close, trailing stop, TP, etc., and transmith those to the several other MT4 platforms, as well.

This would significantly cut down on CPU time running multiple MT4 platforms. Assuming the orders can go through separate threads, would also greatly speed up execution.

Any help or tips appreciated.

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Merlin (Brasil)

Re: Trade Copier?

These copiers exist, I've seen a couple of commercial ones over the years. I suggest you head to bigger fx forums which deal with MT, and search engines are good to track copiers down too.

Re: Trade Copier?

Thanks, but I'm not looking or asking for Commercial software.

I'm asking if THIS software can be adapted to multi-thread orders to multiple platforms and then track them.

I think FSB is an *amazing* contribution. Before I bury myself in the source code, I thought I'd ask if anyone had looked at this functionality.

Since this is the Developer area of the forum, I was hoping that some hardcore c# coders would be able to supply some input.

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