Topic: Ptoblem FST 4 digit vs 5 digit

Dear All,

Please help me why my strategy work well at 5 digit currency but does not execute at 4 digit....?


Re: Ptoblem FST 4 digit vs 5 digit

Please, post the strategy. We'll see if there is something to be corrected.

Re: Ptoblem FST 4 digit vs 5 digit

this is my strategy...I use bar range bars indicator

I had try several strategy that good result in tester but losses while live trade

thank's for advise.....

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Re: Ptoblem FST 4 digit vs 5 digit

Do you remember, where did you get the indicator Bar Range Bands? There was a version from 2010, it had many problems and bugs. I don't know if there was a good version posted. It might not work in real trading, the trade results would be very different from backtest.

I hope to find it, if it is on other forums, to post a message that it may be a buggy version.