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Hi dears,

I would like to suggest a new improvement for the FSB.

Beside test it a new strategy is also very useful to have a tool to analyze Charts (monthly, weekly, daily, etc...)

So we can have a picture of the tendency of the Pairs. In my opinion to predict the direction is much better to check the last month, week, etc, then use a fractal analyze of the historical Data.

If we have a tool where we can find out the hours & weekly days when the market is trading smoothly (for each pair of currency) that?s going to be very useful to prepare any kind of strategy.


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Yes, you are right.
It's very good to have the big picture (the general trend) and to trade in it's direction.
To achieve this is necessary to use a long period chart (daily) and when the market forms a good smooth trend to use a shorter chart (1 hour) to found the moments of dealing.
For example we can use an ADX(daily) and a Moving Average of Oscillator(daily) to found the trend and some intraday strategy to trade. The general trend will acts as a Filter. No trend - no deal. Or something like that.

It is possible to make a similar function. The problem is, that we have to load two market charts simultaneously.

For the moment, you can use scaling of the indicators to achieve the same functionality.

instead of a 1 day chart:   ADX(14)  The value is rising
you can write on a 4 hours chart like: ADX(84)  The value is rising  ( 14 * 6 = 84 )

It's not the same because of the gaps, but with a little adjustment it's possible to be used.

Of course you cannot use different instruments to determine the trend of the current you use.
It is necessary to make something like a combination of strategy. If we make this will be possible to combine different time frame charts and different pairs. I'm not sure exactly how.  May be first to be necessary to prepare the different logics (like strategies for the different charts) and after that to import like an external filters over the current strategy.

Our dev. team welcomes all ideas.
We want to found the true behind the technical analysis. It's a little bit different from that we read in the books! wink

Thank you. You make the program better!

Re: Sugestion!

Thx Popov by the way I want to learn more about FSB, can you improve the info in the help's desk?

thx a lot,