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Topic: Clear method Indicator and system

Clear method indicator its a nice inicator to show the start of reversal in trend or end of correction to continue the main trend


Any Luck to have it in FSB


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Ahmed, how do you use that histogram?

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footon wrote:

Ahmed, how do you use that histogram?

its the trend if red so sell is ok if green then buy is ok

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this indicator and strategies build using it is published in  Traders’ Tips September 2010 issue

This idea invented by   Ron Black , in his article : Getting Clear With Short-Term Swings he showed the concepts behind his way
1- it  identify the direction of short-term price swings
2- identifies the direction of the current price swing and the precise day when price direction changes.
3- it does not use the opening price or the closing price  Instead, it uses the range (length) of the price bar
4- it borrows from a basic statistical concept ,  if two distributions do not overlap, they can be considered different.

http://www.traders.com/Documentation/FE … s.html#TT4

It also has different names
SwingTrendLines indicator
SwingLineBar paint-bar

NB: It gives two types of signals
1- 1st swing clearing signal '' bar'' .
2- 2nd swing or swings they come after the 1st swing occurred and 1st swing must hold the price .

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