Topic: Hello, i am mctayinvestment from Brasil.

Hello, i am from Brasil and i would all appreciate your assistance in this forum.

i want an indicator that would assist me to trade binary option. that can tell me when to enter a trade and how long in minutes, or hours a position would be close. and the position to enter - long or short.

all what i need is a pip above the entry price to win the trade.

i dont know if there is any indicator like that already that can guild me.
if i have to build, what do i need to do as i am new to this forum.

my skpe is john_taye

Re: Hello, i am mctayinvestment from Brasil.

I suggest that you get some information as to what the different indicators are for and then start using the software to learn how it operates.

It is most difficult to give you a solution to your situation, you are going to have to invest a significant amount of time in learning how to trade