Topic: Free professional forex-signals

Hi guys,

We just updated our first commercial project at, where professional fulltime-trader Amarnath Kondiyan gives hot intraday-signals from monday till friday (each working day).

We programmed a professional signal-receiver for windows that alerts you with a sound if there are new signals so you can perfectly reproduce our performance on your own account without any delays. Each signal comes with clear instructions and suggested position size so there is no more room for interpretation on your side.

You can have the signals sent to your mobile as text without any extra fees as well, so you don't have to sit in front of your PC to receive a signal.

We trade all major FX pairs and sometimes silver. In the members area we also have a demo-video for beginners that shows the functionality of our system.

Feel free to comment the website here or sign up for the risk-free 7-day-trial account... - we don't ask for any payment information whatsoever in advance so you don't have to worry... there is no catch in this offer :-)

I'm excited about any comments!

best wishes