Topic: FSB Indicators

Can the "approved" indicator be deposited in a topic dedicated for it.
It should be included in new release of SFB and SFT.

Multitime or Wider time frame indicators maybe the key to make FSB easier to find profitable strategies especially for low time frame trade strategies.

Re: FSB Indicators

Good idea. We have to find the best way to gather all indicators in one place. I thing for somewhat as a code base or a wiki page with description and links.

Any comments and ideas are welcome.

Re: FSB Indicators

Perhaps add the indicators to the open source site so that they can be pulled in from time to time, it may be best to have them there so that people can test them before adding them.....

We had the experience of the higher time frame indicators being used by many and then flaws discovered, so it is necessary to have them where they can be thoroughly tested before issuance.

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