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Guys, I have a question

for what exactly do we need User Karma points?

and how do we get them?

I searched on the forum for explanations but I found nothing.


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The current Karma plugin only displays karma points. We cannot display rewarded posts, users or to sort them.

My idea with this plugin was to can show most useful posts or to promote most karmic users for moderators.

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Who decides who take Karma points? If you decide, I think you are not so Karmic to yourself with 43 points from 1546 posts. smile

Thanks for answers

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Ha ha, Plugin was installed last year... My posts are from 2006.
But of course users decide for which posts to press thumb up.

Who decides who take Karma points?

No body takes karma points for anything.

I do not see the point of this discussion. What do you have in mind with this questions?

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Aha, ok now I understood. I didn't know that the users decide that through the little hands.
I wanted only to know how it works. And it was so simple. Maybe something more suggestive like "Voted posts" instead "user Karma" was better.

You can close the topic.

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You are right that it's not so clear. But I just used a ready plugin for the forum software.
If I play a little bit with it, I can probably change it for better.
For example it can be: Say thanks, or like. The text in the user field can by Likes received, or Thanks received...

Also negative vote can be removed (there is such options).

Unfortunately there is no statistics to see what is the most liked users and posts and also what user what posts likes.

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mentosan wrote:

I wanted only to know how it works.

Let me guess who you will give negative Karma to. lol