Topic: a question about HTF

Did I understand it correctly, they dont work properly unless used together with the bar close/open?

can anyone please confirm this...

Re: a question about HTF

HTF indicators have flawed logic and therefore should not be used.

You are wasting your time to have them in your program, they will result in serious losses.

Re: a question about HTF

Yes, that is right, they have a serious error, they should not be used. The HTF indicator values in real time on FST probably will not match the indicator values you would see in FSB backtesting. What this means is you would backtest your strategy in FSB, then try it in real time for a week with FST, then take the week's data and backtest in FSB, and FSB backtest would give totally different results from the FST real time results.

The HTF indicators count the number of bars from the first bar in your data set, but do not sync to the actual time. So if you turn on FST real trading at 5:30, the HTF values with 1-hour time frame would change at 5:30, 6:30, 7:30, etc. The following week, when you get the data for backtesting in FSB and it started at 5:00, they would change at 5:00, 6:00, 7:00, etc -- enough that the underlying bars upon which the indicator value is based are different, and the values and signals won't match.

The series that seems more reliable to fix the bug of the HTF series is the WTF series, found here: … ndicators/

For a more detailed description of fixing the HTF bug, please see this thread: … ta-series/