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Topic: My first not very good strategy "GBPUSD 4h 3400 pips"

Forex Strategy Builder V Beta
Strategy name: GBPUSD_4H_V1
Exported on: 1/6/2007 2:05:14 AM

Market: GBPUSD 4 Hours
Spread: 4 pips
Swap Number: 1 pips

Balance: 3444 pips
Min account: -1360 pips
Max account drop: 1453 pips
Time in position: 57 %

The same dirrection signal  - does Nothing
The opposite dirrection signal - does Nothing

[Open] Price Open

[Filter] Moving Average
     Logic The Price Buy is greater than the MA value.
     Smoothing Method Exponential
     Base Price Close
     Period 21
     Shift 0
     Use previous bar value. True

[Filter] Momentum
     Logic The Momentum value is greater than Level.
     Smoothing Method Simple
     Base Price Close
     Period 6
     Smoothing Period 0
     Level 0.0041
     Use previous bar value. True

[Filter] Accelerator Oscillator
     Logic The AC value is rising.
     Smoothing Method Exponential
     Base Price Close
     Period Slow 19
     Period Fast 14
     Period AC 16
     Level 0
     Use previous bar value. True

[Close] Parabolic SAR
     AF Min 0.04
     Increment 0.07
     AF Min 2