Topic: noob...not sure how to enter something like this

I am trying to "play" with the software and it really looks like what I want but seems to have a learning curve that is pretty high for me.  I am trying to just see a very simple strategy and see how it has performed over the last 2 years...which i know has since i have traded it.  I am trying to enter the easy NFP strategy of playing the announcement.  I am having problems entering it in as I can't find a user manual anywhere to help.

This is what I want...on the announcement of NFP at 8:30 est on 1st fri of month to set a buy (market value) +20 pips with s/l of -20 pip and t/p of +40 pip...and a sell order (market value) -20 pips with s/l +20 pips and t/p of -40 pips.  Then which ever one has the position filled, cancel out the other.

Any advice of how I could possibly enter it what be greatly least that way I will have an idea of a strategy that I am familiar with so I can see what it predicts.


Re: noob...not sure how to enter something like this


The rules of the system are simple but it seams FSB is not the suitable tester for it (or the strategy is not suitable for FSB). smile
Simply FSB does not include such filters (yet), so don?t worry, the problem is not in your monitor!

There are several problems here:

You need to set the entry logic at 08:30 without specifying the time of the actual execution but FSB has time filter for the execution. It can allow or cancel an order depending on the time when its price has been reached (?Entry Time? filter). And even worse, this filter works on round hours only.

For the Friday is the same. You can set entry on Friday (Day of Week filter), but not the first Friday of the month. Of course, it acts for the day of the execution only.

Therefore, sorry, this is a very naughty strategy and FSB does not want to play with it.

I will try to explain a strategy similar to yours, but very far from what you need exactly.


Open only on Friday, between 08:00 and 09:00
Enter long when the market goes up 20pips from the price at 08:00
Enter short when the market goes down 20pips from the price at 08:00

Close on a profit of 40pips or on a loss of 20pips, which happens first.

Market: EURUSD 1 Hour

[Opening point of the position]
Steady Bands
     Enter long at the Up Band
     Smoothing method  -  Simple
     Base price  -  Open
     MA period  -  1
     Margin in pips  -  20
     Use previous bar value  -  No

[Opening logic condition]
Day of Week
     Enter the market between the specified days
     From (incl.)  -  Friday
     To (excl.)  -  Saturday

[Opening logic condition]
Entry Time
     Enter the market between the specified hours
     From (incl.)  -  8
     Until (excl.)  -  9

[Closing point of the position]
Stop Limit
     Exit at the Stop Loss or the Take Profit level
     Stop Loss  -  -20
     Take Profit  -  40

Steady Bands are a Moving Average + and ? Margin of pips.
So, making Period = 1 and Base Price = Open you receive a Moving Average that steps exactly on the Bar Opening.
The margin of 20 pips sets two entry points. For long Open + 20pips and for short Open ? 20pisp (Entry long at the up band).

The other filters specify the day and the hour.

One more difference is that this strategy will open an opposite position if the other entry point has been reached since it is beyond the stop limit of the first position. Here, the opposite signal behavior doesn?t play a role because the first position will be closed before the second entry.

One I can say for sure: The exit logic is exactly you want. Does it cost the time to read the whole post for this?

Never mind. Cheers!