Topic: Selecting a diffferent strategy within Top 10 while Generator running

I wanted to comment that it is difficult to change strategies within the Generator Top 10 window while the Generator is running. I like to run the Generator non-stop until it produces really good looking strategies. While it is running, I would love to be able to flip through the Top 10 to see the individual specs of them.

I am unable to tell if it allows switching at all because of a very very long delay when trying to select a new strategy from the box. What I mean is -- I think that it does eventually switch, because a different one is sometimes highlighted (outlined in red). But the selection time is so long that I usually don't sit in front of the computer long enough to see it change. That said, I have occasionally seen a different one selected other than the top one.

Not sure if this is a bug, or by design for some reason. It would be great if you could select different charts from the upper Top 10 view and have them displayed (along with their stats) in the lower right corner ... all while Generator is still running.


Re: Selecting a diffferent strategy within Top 10 while Generator running

You cannot select a Top10 strategy during Generator run. It rejects the mouse click. Generator cannot show a Top 10 strategy stats and chart instantly because it stores only the strategy logic and this small thumbnail of balance chart. In order to express the stats and chart, Generator has to stop generating and to load and recalculate the selected strategy.
Probably we have to add new inactive mouse cursor over the Top10 buttons for the time the Generator runs.