Topic: Martingale option when using the Generator

I have been testing 2.67 and have come across an item that may be an issue (although it may be by design).  If the martingale MM option is disabled in FSB, any strategy that is built by the Generator sets the option to true (no matter what the original setting in FSB was).

The constructor for a new strategy contains the following:

bool useMartingale = true;

so my guess is that it is intentional to have all new strategies have this setting on by default.

My suggestion would be that the option to use the martingale MM option in the Generator should be selectable in the UI of the Generator, as there would be a lot of people who would not be looking to use this type of MM in their strategies.


Re: Martingale option when using the Generator

It must be:

bool useMartingale = false;

I corrected it and now updating to FSB v2.67.1
The MM has to be set before starting the Generator (at least for now).
Thank you very much for the fast reaction and spotting the exact problem.