Topic: Problem with new Isntrument

Hi guys,

i tried to add new instrument XAUUSD to FSB and it worked well.

The problem was when i tried to import jforex rates,

it actually works as well but FSB gave me an error message that there are only 7 records (while min is 300 bars) for 1m TF.

So i opened the CSV directly in FSB folder and the data were there. So it seems for some reason FSB does not see ALL rows in CSV file just some at the beginning..

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Re: Problem with new Isntrument

my CSV file XAUUSD1.csv  looks like this

but FSB does not see the data

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Re: Problem with new Isntrument

Re: Problem with new Isntrument

We need more info in order to help. Please post screen shots from Scanner with loaded intrabars with and without ticks.