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Topic: Testing with Non-jforex Tick Data

Probably overlooked this somewhere, but is it possible to use tick data sourced from brokers other than jforex/duka?

If so, how is this data loaded into FSB in regards to timeframe etc.?

At the moment I'm looking to test on MB tick data, which downloads into a separate file for each day. I was thinking that perhaps combining these into one larger file and then labeling it as a 15, 30 or other suitable time frame might be something to try, but decided asking might save some time.

Re: Testing with Non-jforex Tick Data

I think you new a tickdata to OHLC converter. Here is one that was mentioned earlier:

I'm hunting around, seems like I've seen a few from time to time.

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Re: Testing with Non-jforex Tick Data

Thanks dusktrader- will do some checking around for a good one.

Might anyone have one on hand, or be able to point in the direction of a reliable one? Any input would be greatly appreciated.