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Topic: Introduction

Hello fellow Forex traders.  I am a student taking a Global Econ class, and one of our extra credit assignments is to do some Forex trading with a demo account.  I'm checking out this software as a possible aid in my trading.  Our professor is encouraging us to come up with our own strategy, so I thought it might be fun to learn this software rather than just follow some analyst.  I understand the basic concept of the software, back-testing strategies etc, but other than that I have a lot of reading up to do on this system.

I wanted to know, if anyone is willing to share, have you had much success with this software?  Do you think it is realistic for a student to learn and use it during the length of a school semester?  Also, since I won't be able to link the automatic trading with my demo account at school, would I be able to generate a strategy that I could then execute manually on a different account?

Re: Introduction

Hello hatgreeting,
The easiest way to start is to run the Generator on your preferable time frame ans symbol. If happens to receive a nice looking balance curve, look at the generated form the program Overview. You'll see there a basic description of the logic rules. A good exercise is to read about the used indicators and to find what is the psychological explanation of the application. You have to know that each indicator shows some aspect of the market and more or less reflects the vote and actions of market participants.