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Topic: Suggested Change (IQFeed and eSignal Data Support)

I have completed work on a suggested change that will allow us to work with IQFeed and eSignal data within Forex Strategy Builder.  The solution relies on a commercial application to provide an interface into the data provider, converting the data feed to CSV files that we can work with.

There is a subtle difference in the data file format (daily and weekly bars do not have a time field) that means that the solution is not supported in the current FSB release, although it will be available in the Github source code shortly for those working off the source code.

NOTE This post is not a plug for the commercial software used to provide this solution, I am just a user of the application.

Documentation for this change has been added to the Wiki

Re: Suggested Change (IQFeed and eSignal Data Support)

Thank you ab,
The IQFeed and eSignal data support, you have contributed to FSB, are included in the published FSB v2.67Beta.