Topic: Number of Trades Idea

I have found that when testing strategies you need to constantly change the "minimum number of trades" when using the generator/optimizer, so that strategies over 5 years with only 10 trades are not generated smile

I think it would be a great idea if you had an option to require a number of trades within a percentage of the current level, for use with the generator and optimizer.

Example: I start a basic strategy using 5 years of H1 data. I add something simple like "RSI Rising" and a Stop Loss / Take Profit closing condition. This results in say 500 trades over that time period. Now I want to refine my strategy by using the generator and optimizer.. There would be an option "require minimum number of trades within xx% of current strategy". So I could generate/optimize strategies so that I'm getting at least 90% of the current amount of trades. This way you could quickly add conditions to refine your strategy without worrying about constantly updating the minimum number of trades. Otherwise we know what happens.. The number of trades can substantially decrease upon each new condition, rendering your strategy useless with 2 trades a year which is not realistic.