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Hi everyone.

I thought this might the place where I can introduce myself. smile

My name is Erick, I'm interested into ForEx for 2 years now and I'm here to learn even more.



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Welcome in the community Erick!

Fill free to ask your questions or to share your experience with us.

Have fun!

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Hey, I want to learn how to manage forex pretty well I am sure all of you do to are there some tips you could give me to start this process?

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Hello, Robert from Houston, how are you all doing? Just wanted to say hi and ask about a good website or for dummies book where I can learn more about Forex.

Best Regards,


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Hi, My name Max for NC, Just wanted to say hi.:D

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Hi! & welcome to all the new members of this board . I am also new. I hope we will enjoy & learn more here.