Topic: Does FST work with MT4 backtesting?

Hi there,

What I am trying to do is that I want to use the demo account of MT4 to do backtesting so that I can use other tool which will read trading records from the account and give analysis to its performance and draw various charts.

I am new to this tool.  From the document, I knew that FST works with MT4 on live trading.  My question is that does FST work with MT4 on backtesting?

Re: Does FST work with MT4 backtesting?


Re: Does FST work with MT4 backtesting?

Thanks for the information.  Do we have the plan to add this support? How much work it would be if adding this functionality?  It would be a nice feature to have cross validation with MT4 backtest against the test result from FSB.

Re: Does FST work with MT4 backtesting?

This will never happen. If you think MT is more precise in backtesting, why do you need FSB in the first place? You see, FSB was created to have more reliable backtest than MT, do you know how MT performs backtests, how are ambiguous bars handled, for instance? I don't think so, but for FSB you know the answers for those questions. Therefore I hope you see that cross-validation between MT and FSB results is a non-issue, just plain curiosity which doesn't help actual strategy development.