Topic: indicators written in C #

I've been trying for Ninja Trader indicators written in C # to insert, but it does not work.
I need other indicators to really create a good strategy.
Otherwise I find the program well.

Re: indicators written in C #

That is correct - NT indis will not work in FSB, they have to be written specifically for FSB.

Unfortunately there has been a forum software update, therefore attachments cannot be uploaded (hopefully this gets fixed in February, fingers crossed), but nevertheless name your indis, and are they available in mql? If you can convince me they are great indis, I can try to code them.

Re: indicators written in C #

yes I have the indicators in mq4 it is Stochastic3-v6, Supertrend,  Laguerre filter and Postzigzag.

Re: indicators written in C #

Laguerre is already coded -

Recently I converted one Supertrend version also - … t4-fo-fsb/

I can send you an email, then you can email me the indis back. Stoch would be quite straight forward in terms of logic I think, but Postzz is tricky, how do you use it? I found a version on the net, to my understanding it counts the times ZZ line gets shifted, so in that sense it can help to backtest it more reliably, am I on the right track?