Topic: Maybe Better Fractal Indicator

I want to change to fractal indicator found here:

So far I know I need to add a line of code to make it a custom indicator

But I don't understand how to change the fractal from setting buy orders at up fractals to entering the market after a fractal becomes visible(short for up fractals)

I've only programmed very simple things in Visual Basic and don't understand which variable sets the buy price.

So basicly when an up fractal becomes visible I wish to go short and vice versa for a down fractal

I had no problem programming this a few years ago into a broker that used a simple language to buy and sell I won't mention it here so its not advertising

Thanks for any help you can offer I think this would be a good way to use a fractal and I only need it for a type 1 fractal

Re: Maybe Better Fractal Indicator

I threw one together, seems to match with FSB's Fract indi, you can find it on your email.

What I don't like is its lag, I reckon 3 bars should be ok, but it takes a lot longer. What do you think about substituting fractal with recent swing calculation? It checks 2 to the right, 2 bars to the left to see whether there's a high or low, then it's 3 bar lag, more signals though too.

Anyhow, as this forum is still in a sabotaged state, you better check your email big_smile Any comments you have, post only here!

Re: Maybe Better Fractal Indicator

Hey Thanks Im running it through the generator right now I will see If I can Add the option to either go long or short