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Topic: Next same direction signal behavior

Well in one strategy i have situation where the position closes and in the same moment it opens in the same direction but I wanted to have the option to continue the trade not closing and the option to close the trade and not opening next trade in the same moment or bar.Also the program would not take this like a same direction signal behavior so in case off add a lot option it wont work in this case also it would be nice to have a option when adding a next lot to same direction signal behavior to add a lot if a floating profit in time of adding is higher or lower and both from the last floating profit in the time of previous opened position.

Re: Next same direction signal behavior

I have a nice strategy that uses "add" to a same direction signal. I don't particularly like adding to a losing position but by changing "add" to "nothing" the strategy completely falls over. I am trading 1 lot so I then changed the number of lots to "add" to 0.01. The profit doesn't change very much and works well as a strategy however if I change "add" to do nothing the strategy completely falls over.

The additional 0.01 lots is nothing in the overall scheme so why does it fail so completely?

Do you know what other parameters change when you add? Does it reset the stop loss and take profit on the original entry?