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Topic: I Need More Data for FSB

My disclaimer

I Need More Data for implication into Forex Strategy Builder.  I want to use it to build an entire forex system not just one strategy, so I need information for more pairs

I think in order to properly trade the forex you need all the information so I have been trying to find charts of the GBP/USD that contain daily forex open high low and close prices.  It has been hard info to obtain I'm sure that only hedge fund managers and such have access to electronic versions of these charts.  Can anyone help me with this problem?

But now that my main concern is taken care of I will get back to forex strategy builder.

I want all the data for all the pairs to form a properly hedged and yet equally as profitable strategy that encompasses all the available forex trading pairs.  At least the ones on the programs list I wouldn't mind trying to get the GBP/Smekel in there.

I mean weekly and 1 minute for all the pairs and everything inbetween who can help me find this data?