Topic: Disabling FIFO / hedging rules

It seems FSB/FST is compliant to FIFO as well as non-hedging rules.
Fortunately we're not all bound by those US rules smile

Is there a way to disable FIFO and allow FSB to generate simultaneous and  independent Long/Short orders? By independent is meant that not all brokers take a Short order as a reversal of a Long order, but in essence lets you hedge properly.

Re: Disabling FIFO / hedging rules

I don't think this is possible, FSB is one-order-at-a-time.
Another way to do something similar would be to export your strategy's signals as a custom indicator, then invert the signals. To do this:
- load your main strategy
- Tools > Custom Indicators > Export the Strategy as a Custom Indicator
- save dialog comes up, pointing to custom indicators file
- open new strategy
- find exported custom indicator from above
- check box "Reversed Signals"

From there, you might have to Export the Bar Summary and put them together in Excel to simulate the simultaneous Long/Short order.
Keep in mind, you can also open 2 instances of FSB at the same time, I usually do this to get the charts of 2 strategies viewable at once, helps see what's going on.

Re: Disabling FIFO / hedging rules

You can change FIFO to FILO of the FST expert by changing a constant in the expert code.