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With this strategy, $200 became $42k+. However, with 10k, i actually lost money. Any idea how this could have happened? I didn't know starting capital was a factor in profit/loss. Magnitude yes, but from profit to loss? Can somebody explain this to me please?

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Re: Okay, this is strange

You use 1% entry amount but the minimal trading amount on FSB is 0.01 lots.
For that reason FSB opens 1000 Eur for the first position for $200 account.
For $10000 account FSB starts with 6000 Eur position, which is less risky for that account.

Re: Okay, this is strange

So this means that as my account grows, i have to start adjusting the entry amount to get roughly the same results?

Re: Okay, this is strange

If you want proportional results in both cases, you have to take into account the lot size, the min lots, and the entry percentage.

For 1% entry for $200 account and 1/100 leverage, you need lot size of 200 units. In other case, the actual entry will not be 1%. If you use the default FSB lot size of 100000, the minimal opening amount is 1000. So 1000 / 100 = 10 units margin, which is 5% entry.

Therefore you set 1% but due to the low account value and the high lot amount, FSB opens actually 5%.

So you can reduce the lot size in order to make FSB opening real 1% or to use 5% entry in both accounts.

Re: Okay, this is strange

When we try something that makes us uncomfortable, like some new method or technique, we avoid it and go back to what we are used to. I believe this is the major cause for not doing the good stuff we learn about. Success takes hard work. But you know what, you have the ability to do it and be successful. Don't ever forget that.